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How To Buy A House Before You Sell

Buying a new home without going through the hassle (and risk of homelessness) of selling an existing home is something that most sellers desperately want to do.Read More

Understanding Bridge Loans: Your Guide To Buying Before Selling

Are you wondering how to buy another house before selling yours? When the housing market is bustling and you're ready to move, the timing might not always align. Selling your existing home before you secure a new one can be tricky. This is where understanding the ins and outs of bridge loans becomes vital for a smooth transition. Navigating the real estate market can be challenging, especially when you're looking to purchase a new home before selling your current one. In fast-paced housing markets, aligning the sale of your existing home with the acquisition of a new one requires strategic planning. This is where a solid grasp of bridge loans becomes crucial for a seamless transition. Bridge loans offer short-term financing to "bridge" the gap between buying a new property and selling your current home. They come with higher interest rates and require collateral, usually your existing home. For those needing quick access to funds, bridge loans present a tactical option to expedite your move.Read More

How to Buy and Sell Homes Simultaneously

Having to buy and sell homes simultaneously can seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach and guidance, it can be done.Read More

The Best Alternative to Bridge Loans

Buying a new home before selling your current one can be overwhelming, and bridge loans have been the go-to solution – until now. Among the various financing options available, bridge loans have traditionally been a popular choice. But is it the best one? In this post, we will explore the pros and cons of bridge loans, how they work, and why our partnership with Catapult might be the game-changing solution you need.Read More

Bridge Loans Explained (Buying Before Selling Current House)

We often have buyers come to us who want to buy a new residence before selling their current residence. If they do not have enough cash for a down payment, […]Read More

Private Money In Lieu of Non-QM/Bridge Loans; JVM/Mortgage Bank – Here to Stay; Eating EMDs

PRIVATE MONEY = TEMPORARY SOLUTION Both agents and buyers are reaching out to us to save transactions that have blown up elsewhere b/c both bridge loan and non-QM financing has […]Read More

Bridge Loans Overrated? Why We Like Equity Lines

We are asked constantly about “bridge loans,” or temporary loans (usually 2nd mortgages) that sellers take out prior to selling. Bridge loans can be used for necessary repairs or for […]Read More

Bridge Loans; Buying Before Selling – Best Financing Option

BUYING BEFORE SELLING Sellers often want to buy a new home before selling their current residence for a variety of reasons. They might want more time to move, more time […]Read More

Home Equity Line = Best “Bridge Loan;” Cheaper, Easier, More Cash

We mention this often, but Home Equity Lines of Credit are the best “Bridge Loans” for buyers who want to buy a new home before selling their current home. They […]Read More

How to Buy Now Before Selling Current Home?

We are repeating a previous blog b/c we are getting so many related questions lately. HOW TO BUY BEFORE YOU SELL (buy a new home before you sell your current […]Read More

How to Buy New House Before Selling Old House

We often have borrowers in a hurry to buy a new home before they sell their existing residence. Here are the options for borrowers not wanting to sell their existing […]Read More

Bridge Loans – What, When, and Why?

Bridge loans are temporary financing against a property that a borrower will likely sell. In other words, if a buyer wants to buy a new home before selling his departing residence or existing home, he can get temporary financing against his departing residence to help finance his new home.Read More