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Need Assembly Line for Effective Team; Bottlenecks Alleviated

Need Assembly Line for Effective Team; Bottlenecks AlleviatedThis was a “Kudos” sent to our entire office last week:

“We are so lucky to have Beau as our appraisal manager. Besides ordering and reviewing appraisals and conditions, he also communicates with the realtors when there are issues. This releases so much burden from the processing team. Our Closing Specialists therefore get more time to focus on our quick closings and sticky files.

This Kudos perfectly illuminates something that makes our process work so well – Our Assembly Line System.

We love blogging about team-building tips b/c they work so well for us. Last week, we touted the need for tutorials. This week we’re touting specialization and assembly lines.

We have specialists at every level – New Referrals, Pre-Approvals, Contracts, Closing Specialists, etc.

We use the term “Closing Specialist” instead of “Processor” b/c our Closing Specialists are fully licensed and they combine the Loan Officer and Processor roles.

In any case, specialization prevents bottlenecks, and it is one of the reasons we can close so quickly over and over. When one loan officer carries files from origination to close, one problem file stalls all of the others b/c the loan officer is forced to focus on the one problem and ignore other files. With specialists, we avoid this issue.

We also cross-train everyone to enable them to move up and down the assembly line, depending on needs.

Heejin often talks about building a real estate team with this same approach b/c we have seen it work so well in lending.

Jay Voorhees
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