Michael Jordan earned $94 million just for playing basketball over the course of his entire career.

    Last year alone though, he made a full $330 million just from the royalties from his Jordan shoe brand (via Nike).

    Hence, he makes 3.5x more every year from shoe royalties than he made playing in the NBA for 15 seasons.

    Jordan shoes will soon be America’s second largest shoe brand, behind Nike – but ahead of Adidas, Puma, New Balance and everyone else.

    This was all explained in this post on X by Joe Pompliano.

    Here is the point of this blog: I used to tell my kids all the time that if they wanted to become really successful, they should become the best basketball players in the world.

    But, they never listened!

    So, if any readers have kids, they might want to make sure they listen…

    OK… just kidding. My kids are doing fine – even though none of them were the best basketball players on our cul de sac – let alone the world. 😊

    I am actually just sharing this information about the Jordan shoe brand because this is a very slow week, with most readers on vacation, so I thought I’d keep the blog pretty light – and I thought the information was fascinating.

    It is also a great reminder of how important branding is in general. If the exact same shoes were sold under any name other than Jordan, they’d be worthless.

    As a quick reminder for real estate agents, your “brand” is your name, and there are many ways to easily enhance your brand online – which will in turn help you garner more business.

    We have online branding experts on staff, so if any readers would like to learn more, please reach out. If not, readers might brush up on their basketball skills.

    Rates Back To April Levels – In The “5’s”

    Today conforming/Fannie Mae rates are back in the “fives,” something we have not seen since April. And something NOBODY expected as recently as October.

    The mainstream media is saying it is all about the Fed and expectations that the Fed will cut.

    Cynics say it is all about a highly politicized Fed cutting rates to stimulate the economy in order to prop up Biden.

    But, many macro analysts still believe that it is just the bond market seeing a very weak economy ahead, with a panicky Fed now finally seeing the same.

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