person-looking-at-lake-mountains Yesterday’s blog was about company “Visions” and why they are so valuable.

    Today’s blog is a condensed version of JVM’s vision, and why it matters.


    I. Vast and Robust Agent Support and Referral Network. As one of the only lenders that can actually help agents build their business, our value propositions for agents are simply unmatched. We now offer powerful digital marketing assistance, low rates, and an ability to turn a much higher percentage of referrals into transactions with the use of new technology. Our traditional offerings of speed, weekend availability, 5-day appraisals, and everything else remain stronger than ever. All of these things combined will enable us to grow and maintain a vast agent-partner network.

    II. #1 Lender in CA and Beyond … with Social Media Reviews. We currently have more Five-Star Reviews than any other lender in CA, and we are shooting for #1 in the nation! This is not b/c we are good at asking for reviews (we actually aren’t), it is b/c our service levels astound borrowers and agents alike.

    III. Low Rates & Economies of Scale. B/c we have no loan officer compensation, our expenses get smaller and smaller as we fund more and more loans. We experience more economies than any other lender; the bigger we get, the more our rates fall. And rates matter now more than ever.

    IV. Consumer Direct Business. We are launching this now with a huge resource commitment, extraordinary sophistication on the web-front, and many competitive advantages. Consumers want transparency, low rates, social proof, responsiveness, no friction, and smart advisors. We are the only lender that can provide it all b/c of our unique model. We will be posting our low rates on our website within a few weeks, and we are all but certain this channel will expand rapidly for us.

    Our growing Consumer Direct channel will of course generate highly qualified new buyer leads that we will be sharing with our agent partners.

    V. The Numbers? Our vision of course is not just marketing. We fully expect all four of the above items to work in unison, and to grow our business in a steady but robust manner – benefiting everyone. We expect to fund $50 million per month consistently in 2019, and to double that in 2020, and to double it again in 2021.

    Why does our vision matter?

    If you’re an agent, #2 and #3 will impress and delight your clients and keep them coming back, and #1 and #4 are proof that we really are one of the only lenders that can and will help build your business.

    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (925) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

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