binoculars-looking-into-ocean No matter the size of your business, most business coaches will encourage you to create and share your vision with the world for a variety of reasons.

Famous author and business coach Cameron Herold encourages business owners to create very elaborate Vivid Visions that set out exactly what your business will look like in three years.

He says to envision everything – size, revenues, what customers will be saying, what the media will be saying, what employees will be saying, what your marketing will look like, etc.

Detailed vision statements are much better than simply writing out goals b/c they provide clearer roadmaps and far stronger psychological motivations for everyone.

Herold realized this when he watched Olympic Athletes envision their success prior to every competition.

Who benefits from clear vision statements?

1. Business Owners. First and foremost, it is very fun to think about your business’ potential and where you want to go. But also, a clear vision makes sure every decision and action is in alignment with where you want to go; it invites necessary change; it provides a template for decision making; it shapes strategy; and it focuses everyone on the desired future.

2. Team Members. Clear vision statements also create motivating excitement for team members, so they too know what they are helping to build and where they are going. Decision and action alignment is equally important at every level of a business.

3. Clients and Referral Sources. This is the often overlooked aspect of vision statements. But vision statements are every bit as valuable for clients and referrals sources as they are for owners and team members. Clear vision statements allow clients to make sure their values are aligned with your business; they show clients how and why they will benefit if they continue to work with your business; and inspiring visions also encourage clients to help turn your vision into reality, often in surprising ways.

Short or long, I highly recommend creating some sort of a vision for your business and sharing it with friends, family, team members and clients.

I will share a condensed version of JVM’s Vision in tomorrow’s blog.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
(925) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

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