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Do Sellers Care About Buyer’s Intentions? Yes. Great Story

One of our Realtors told us a great story yesterday. His potential buyer ran into a seller during a home-viewing, and the buyer mentioned to the seller that he intended to rent out the property.

The listing agent later told our Realtor that his buyer’s bid was the highest and best, but the seller did not accept it b/c he did not want to sell to a future landlord; the seller wanted buyers who would occupy the home.

Two great reminders here: (1) never let buyers and sellers interact directly; and (2) sellers often care deeply about a buyer’s intended use of the property.

This is why Cover Letters are so effective. There are articles all over the internet explaining the value of cover letters. The following link is just one of many: http://realestate.msn.com/make-your-home-offer-stand-out-with-a-handwritten-love-letter

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