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Understanding Short Sales in Real Estate

Short sales in real estate can often seem like a labyrinth of complexities, both for homeowners struggling with mortgage payments and for prospective buyers eyeing the housing market. We're here to demystify the concept of short sales, explain what a short sale is, how it works, and what it means for buyers and sellers in today's real estate landscape.Read More

How Much House Can I Afford? A Guide to Home Buying

Wondering how much house you can afford? Dive into our comprehensive guide covering everything from mortgage basics and down payments to credit scores and debt-to-income ratios. Gain the knowledge you need for a confident and informed home purchase journey.Read More

DSCR Loans for Michigan Investors

Explore how DSCR loans offer Michigan investors a flexible and income-focused approach to financing rental properties, with insights on eligibility, advantages, and application processes. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, familiarizing yourself with DSCR loans can open doors to a wealth of investment opportunities in the dynamic Michigan real estate landscape. Let's dive into the details and discover how a DSCR loan can pave the way for success in Michigan.Read More

DSCR Loans ONLY Use Rent To Qualify; Do NOT Need to Cash Flow; DSCR Rates Are LOW!

With a 25% down payment, almost anyone can get a DSCR mortgage – even if the property does NOT cash flow with rent. DSCR stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loans – and most readers are aware of them now. BUT – there are two huge misconceptions that I will address below.Read More

Understanding APR vs. Interest Rate

When comparing loans, the APR is an invaluable tool. It's not just about the rate of interest; it's about the overall costs of a loan. By factoring in additional fees and costs, APR provides a more comprehensive picture of what you’ll actually pay. This is crucial for making informed decisions, especially when comparing loans with different structures and fees.Read More

5 Reasons Why Interest Rates Matter So Much – For Real Estate Agents

They Screamed: “Never Sell Rates!” I was a member of The CORE Training Program years ago, and it was very effective, as they preached focus, financial discipline, time-blocking, non-stop selling, […]Read More

NAR Lawsuit via Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman is an extremely successful real estate investor and YouTube commentator, and he weighed in on the NAR collusion/cartel lawsuit last week with some very interesting comments. Here is his entire 42-minute video Devastating NAR Real Estate Class Action Lawsuit! and I recommend it in full (at 2x speed of course). But, here are a few takeaways.Read More

The Many Visa Types That Fannie Mae Allows for Immigrants

Most people are oblivious to the many Visa types that Fannie Mae allows. The number is actually shocking, as even I had no idea how many Fannie allows until a few weeks ago. This means that immigrants of numerous types can qualify for Fannie Mae financing with as little as 3% down, credit scores as low as 620, and debt ratios as high as 50%.Read More

Investing In Texas Real Estate With DSCR Loans

Whether you are considering investing in the tech-driven city of Austin or the cultural hub of Dallas, JVM Lending is here to assist you with your DSCR loan in Texas. Our expertise in the Texas real estate market, combined with our deep understanding of debt service coverage ratio loans, enables us to provide tailored solutions to meet your investment goals in these popular locations.Read More

How Much Income Do You Need To Buy A $1 Million Dollar Home

The subject line for my blog is a common topic that lenders use for consumer blogs for search engine optimization (or “SEO” - or an entity’s efforts to draw readers to its website). And, here is the answer to the question: You need anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 in income to buy a $1 million dollar home right now.Read More

Real Estate Opportunities with DSCR Loans in Arizona

In the dynamic Arizona real estate market, DSCR loans open up exciting opportunities for investors. These specialized loans allow you to tap into the potential of rental properties without overextending your personal finances. Understanding the importance of the Debt Service Coverage Ratio and how it affects your loan eligibility can be a game-changer in your real estate investment journey.Read More

Why Mortgage Lenders Are Terrified of Class Action Lawsuits Going After Agent Commissions (Interesting Observations)

Most lenders get the majority of their qualified buyer leads from buyers' agents. Losing them will upend the lending industry as well as the real estate industry.Read More

Shocking Data! Population & Households Grew Far Faster Than Home Supply

I have been pointing how the number of new households has been growing much faster than the number of new homes coming on the market for years. But, I rarely share charts that illuminate the situation as clearly as the two charts I am sharing below.Read More

Rates Hit New Record; Credit Card Stimulus; Rosenberg Says Today = 2007; Dollar Is Surging; CA Insurance Crisis; Thank God I Was Stupid In 1995

Mortgage rates hit a new 23-year record high today partially in response to initial jobless claims coming in lower than expected. Rates increased because investors know how much the Fed focuses on employment. But, I only wish the Fed would read my blogs about how unemployment only jumps after we are in a recession.Read More