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Bankruptcy Seasoning Requirements – 0 to 7 Years

Bankruptcy Seasoning Requirements - 0 to 7 Years Here are the seasoning periods necessary after a borrower files for bankruptcy protection.

FHA Financing with 3.5% Down

Chapter 7 (Debt Liquidation) BK: 2 years from discharge

Chapter 13 (Debt Payoff Plan) BK: 0 years with court approval if borrower is still in the BK.

Conventional Financing

All Bankruptcies: 4 years from discharge

Jumbo Financing

All Bankruptcies: 4 to 7 years from discharge, depending on investor.

Non-QM Financing

All Bankruptcies: 0 years, but the down payment will need to be 20% or more

Here are some additional tips for buying a home after bankruptcy.

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