Marketing & Lead Gen - "There Is No One Thing"

    We work with a Keller Williams agent who closed 140 transactions last year (over $100 million in sales).

    When people ask her what she does to generate so much business, she always says: “There’s No One Thing.”

    Her comment always amuses me too b/c the namesake of her brokerage (Gary Keller) wrote a famous book that says there is The One Thing.

    Too many of us look for the one panacea or channel that we can master that will keep business gushing in.

    But, that one channel rarely exists and if it does, it will often be temporary.

    Market to Multiple Channels

    The above agent is a great example, as she relied very heavily on pay per click advertising years ago until that channel abruptly dried up.

    Now when it comes to marketing and lead gen, she does it all, including buying online leads, nonstop farming of two different neighborhoods, constantly touching her database, and hosting major events (like pie giveaways and Easter egg hunts, something that is amazingly successful).

    She also has a full-time dialer and assistants to make sure her marketing machine runs at full speed all the time.

    And her digital presence is probably the best we have seen with all of our “digital audits.”

    She literally dominates Page 1 of the search results if you google her name, she is on every major real estate related website, her reviews show up everywhere, and her bio and profile are consistent and chock full of keywords.

    Use Your Existing Network

    It also doesn’t hurt that this agent is a Mom with a grade school age son who happens to be a star athlete, helping to further expand her already large network.

    As an aside, here is a quick tip from another Mom/agent who uses the Mom-network to garner the bulk of her business. When you join local organizations, don’t just join she says; sign up to lead. It is not that much more work, and it will allow you to cultivate much stronger relationships and referral networks.

    Anyway – this is a reminder to always market in multiple channels b/c there is no one thing (sorry Gary).

    I might add that this is a lesson that we had to learn the hard way ourselves, and we too now market relentlessly in multiple channels (online ads, database, agent relationships, revamped website, etc.).


    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (855) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

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