Man laughing in an office showing the benefits of Sullivan's idea of free days being essential for productivity and happiness “FREE DAYS” NECESSARY FOR FRESH IDEAS

The renowned business coach Dan Sullivan’s primary message for all entrepreneurs is to work less. His system involves three kinds of days: Free Days, Focus Days and Buffer Days. Free Days involve nothing work-related. Focus Days involve money-making activities. And Buffer Days are for preparation.

Sullivan is adamant about the necessity of ample “Free Days,” as he takes 150 Free Days each year himself. Free Days generate creativity, fresh ideas and new ways of doing business. They prevent burn out and get you off the treadmill of doing the same things over and over. You can read Sullivan’s short blog about this here.

WSJ ARTICLE: How to Succeed in Business? Do Less

The WSJ recently had a great article with the same message – work less! The author talked about his days of living on coffee and chocolate and working 80+ hours, only to discover that his co-worker was working far less and doing much better work.

The gist of the article is that top performers rarely work the longest hours. Top performers instead are great at eliminating unnecessary tasks, and focusing on great work output instead of on tasks completed.

Top performers constantly practice their prioritizing, are great at taking feedback, and are not afraid to push back on bosses who pile on too much.

And once again – top performers do not focus on tasks as goals, e.g calls made, customers visited, hours worked, etc.; they focus on results alone. What value do they create?

I should add that working less doesn’t mean not working at all :). The “top performer” in the article above still worked 50 hours per week, just not 80 hours. And she no doubt took her share of “Free Days.”

NOTE: Email me if you’d like a copy of the WSJ article.

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