Why Heejin & I Turned Down $10 Million

We know a loan officer with a large team who does about half of JVM’s volume – and he was offered a $6 million “signing bonus” to move to another mortgage bank. He turned it down, however, and remained where he was (I will explain why below). With higher rates and refis all but dead, […]Read More

JVM’s Relationship With Its Mortgage Bank

We were getting recruited last fall by America’s third-largest mortgage bank. B/c of our size and unique model, the CEO showed up to review our entire tech stack, our Salesforce buildout, our org chart, our marketing plan and collateral, our website, our sales organization, our ops structure, our training program, our HR policies, and our […]Read More

5 Reasons Why Mortgage Banks Charge Different Rates; Mortgage Rates Don’t Correlate To Other Rates

JVM funded $135 Million in mortgages for the month of September – a new all-time record for us. Our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” was $125 Million, and we pretty much crushed it 😊. Congrats to our team! WHY MORTGAGE BANKS CHARGE DIFFERENT RATES I know many loan officers whose mortgage banks pay for substantial co-marketing […]Read More

How Mortgage Banks & Loan Officers Get Paid

We are often asked by borrowers and Realtors how we, as a lender, get paid. The answer is that JVM gets paid if and only if a buyer’s loan closes. On a loan with no discount points, our entire commission is earned when our mortgage bank sells the loan to an investor for a premium […]Read More

When Training Beats Experience! How and Why

“Thank you again for your hard work… It’s amazing you guys can close an FHA file in 2 weeks…the seller couldn’t believe how fast it happened – lol” We received the above comment from a very seasoned and busy escrow officer yesterday, and we thought we’d share it :) WHEN BRAINS & TRAINING BEAT EXPERIENCE […]Read More

Why Other Lenders Can Sometimes Do Loans JVM Can’t

Our Mortgage Analysts (MAs) pre-approve over 200 files every month. They see more files in a single month than the average loan officer sees in five years. This is why our MAs are so well-versed when it comes to guidelines and pre-approvals. As a result, their conclusions about pre-approvals and pre-approval amounts are very accurate. […]Read More

Key Questions to Ask Your Lender – More Deals & Less Stress

Loan Officers are out in force right now, vying for Realtor-relationships. Here are key questions all Realtors should ask loan officers asking for business. A strong lender should reflect well on Realtors, helping to alleviate stress and close more transactions. 1. Database to manage all referrals? Skilled database input is essential to make sure no […]Read More