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The Death of Inflation; Some Fascinating & Necessary Perspective

Today’s inflation report came in surprisingly tame, despite rising energy prices. It is another indication that inflation is clearly waning, as both Jeff Snider and Barry Habib have been predicting for some time.Read More

Goldman Sachs: “Only 15% Chance of Recession in 2024” WHY???

Gammon shreds all of Goldman’s assertions in his video, reminding us that Goldman completely missed the 2008 financial crisis with its previous predictions, as well as the inflation runup we just went through and much of the fallout from the COVID crisis.Read More

More Great Inflation News; Rates FALL 1/2% This Week; Fed Victory Dance?

Another inflation indicator came into today below expectations – and rates fell even further. They have now fallen almost 1/2% this week!  In contrast last, I just blogged last week […]Read More

Why Inflation Makes Your Fixed-Rate Mortgage An Asset

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who encourages paying off all debts, including our mortgages. Here are Ramsey’s 7 Steps for taking control of our finances. A lot of other […]Read More