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Rates Fell 3/4% Since Mid-October – Defying Predictions Of “Rate-Ageddon”

Mortgage rates fell almost 3/4% since mid-October – while the 10 Year Treasury yield fell about 6/10%. We’ve seen rates fall before, so who cares? Read More

DSCR Loans in Idaho: An Investors Guide

Ready to get started in Idaho's real estate investment arena? Investing in real estate requires a keen understanding of specialized financial tools like DSCR loans, particularly given the unique opportunities within the Idaho's burgeoning property market.Read More

DSCR Loans in Massachusetts: An Investors Guide

Diving into Massachusetts' real estate investment scene? It's essential to get the lowdown on DSCR loans to make the most of opportunities in the Bay State's property market. Whether you're a seasoned investor with a sizeable portfolio or taking your initial steps in the investment field, understanding DSCR loans can be a game-changer.Read More

How To Get A DSCR Loan in California

If you're looking to invest in California real estate, it's essential to know about DSCR loans . Whether you're an experienced investor or just beginning, DSCR loans can play a big role in your strategy. Let's break down what they are and how they can help you tap into California's thriving property market. Join us, and let's make real estate simpler together!Read More

How To Get A DSCR Loan in Florida

When it comes to buying real estate investment properties in Florida, understanding your DSCR loan options is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a real estate investment newbie, understanding DSCR loans is key to unlocking Florida’s abundant investment opportunities. Let’s dive in and see how a DSCR loan can be your ticket to success in Florida’s vibrant real estate market!Read More

All The Loans Banks Don’t Have: Non-QM, No Income Verification, Rental Income Only, Bank Statement, Hard Money, & Renovation

I am blogging about Non-QM and other unusual loan products again because a borrower came to us recently after being told by a commercial bank that there were no mortgage options for him because he lacked the required income verification – when the borrower in fact qualified for several viable non-QM loans, one of which he readily and happily accepted.Read More

Foreign National Loans: Your Key to U.S. Real Estate

Explore our comprehensive guide on foreign national loans. Understand what a foreign national is, the unique requirements of these loans, and how to apply. Perfect for non-native English speakers interested in U.S. property investment.Read More

DSCR Loans: Your Key to Real Estate Investing

Unlock the potential of your real estate investments with DSCR loans. Our comprehensive guide takes you through the basics and beyond, helping you understand how this powerful financial tool can help you achieve your investment goals. Dive in and discover the key to successful real estate investing!Read More

Are “No Doc” Loans Back? Misleading Lender Games

GIVE ‘EM THE OLD RAZZLE DAZZLE! I have an acquaintance who heavily touts his down payment assistance programs in order to lure in first-time buyers – only to then aggressively […]Read More

No Income Verification Loans: DSCR

I’ve mentioned this “horror story” a few times in my blogs. In 2005, I was at a Christmas party where a wholesale rep from SunTrust Bank was bragging about his […]Read More