Homebuying Hell In 2021! A Real Homebuyer’s Story (It’s Motivational, I Promise)

GUEST BLOG FROM A HOMEBUYER & A JVM MANAGER Below is a guest blog by our long-time Marketing Director, Lindsey Hansen. She wanted to share what she went through to buy a home so frustrated buyers everywhere will know they are not alone. And, more importantly, so buyers know that they should hang in there. […]Read More

How To Get Your Offer Accepted In California

3 tips to hone your offer’s competitive edge in today’s hot market  California has one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country due to a continuing housing shortage. A limited supply combined with a high demand creates the perfect recipe for a seller’s market. That is the real estate reality in today’s current market. As […]Read More

JVM’s “Fast Fourteen” Day Closings; How and Why We Offer Them

We are renowned for our ability to close purchases in 14 days. Our lightning fast closings make offers far more competitive (essential in today’s market). We can close so quickly b/c we have highly polished, airtight systems in place. We do, however, need the help of everyone involved – Realtors, Escrow Officers, Borrowers, and Appraisers. […]Read More

Cover Letters & Strong Approval Letters Get Offers Accepted

One of our borrowers was one of 14 offers yesterday on a property in El Cerrito. There are a variety of ways JVM can help make offers much more appealing in competitive situations, including: 1. Calling the listing agent to provide additional info. We are happy to do this with every offer. 2. Writing a […]Read More