How To Get Offers Accepted

    One of our borrowers was one of 14 offers yesterday on a property in El Cerrito. There are a variety of ways JVM can help make offers much more appealing in competitive situations, including:

    1. Call The Listing Agent: Call the listing agent to provide additional info. We are happy to do this with every offer.

    2. Strong Cover Letter: Writing a strong cover letter (or even a “love letter”) for both buyers and Realtors. Cover letters enhance offers far more than people realize, and JVM is happy to offer our writing skills.

    3. Short Contingency Periods: Offering short contingency periods of 5 days for appraisal and financing. This is key so sellers don’t have to worry about tying up their properties.

    4. Very Strong Pre-Approvals: Writing very strong and clear pre-approval letters. Our pre-approval letters are unequivocal and the best in the business.

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