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CA’s Dream For All (Down Payment Assistance) Program Is Here For 2024, But…

CalHFA officially announced the re-introduction of its extremely popular Dream For All Program! And … it is not quite as exciting this time around. As a quick reminder – this is probably the most generous down payment assistance program we have ever seen – and that is why the CalHFA is trying to limit it to families that truly need assistance. When the program was previously launched last year, it ran out of funds in 3 weeks.Read More

CalHFA Dream For ALL Or A Select Few? (Probably a Good Thing); NAR Lawsuit Again

When CalHFA rolled out their newest (and probably most popular) down payment assistance program, the Dream For All Program, its entire $300 million allotment was gone in just 11 days. Many of us hoped that the program would return this fall, but CalHFA saw what happened during round one, and they are well aware of the potential feeding frenzy that would likely take place if the rules were not changed – so they are very astutely changing the rules. These rules are not finalized and are subject to change, but it does appear that CalHFA is trying to make sure the program is only used to benefit people who truly need assistance.Read More

CA’s Dream Program (100% Financing) Returns – Worse Than Ever Too! Housing Market Heats Up Even More

Feeding Starving Crocodiles! I once walked up to a cage full of starving crocodiles (there were at least 20 of them), and I tossed in a hamburger patty. Needless to […]Read More

100% Financing With CalHFA’s Dream For All Program

PROGRAM UPDATE AS OF 4/6/2023: We were just informed by CalHFA that the Dream For All program will be paused on Wednesday, April 12th, and likely will be out of funds by Monday, April 10th. Please contact us to discuss alternative financing options at (855) 855-4491 or [email protected].Read More

California Giving Away Down Payment Funds For Free!

We have received a ton of questions recently regarding the California Housing Finance Agency's (CalHFA) new program that offers a 10%, forgivable, interest-free loan to first-time homebuyers. So, we want to clarify the program's guidelines and touch on some serious tradeoffs buyers should consider.Read More

Down Payment Assistance Programs for Healthcare Workers

Buying a home while also being a healthcare worker can be difficult, especially for those who want to buy a home in California. The added stress of managing your finances to fund your down payment can make a home loan seem incredibly daunting. Luckily there are some excellent Down Payment Assistance programs in California (comprised of forgivable loans as well as grant programs).Read More

Down Payment Assistance (CalHFA) Explained

We offer several Down Payment Assistance programs, even though they have limitations that include higher rates, slower closing times, higher fees, and income caps. Down Payment Assistance programs are, however, sometimes absolutely necessary for borrowers who cannot access enough cash to buy a home.Read More