Share Our Mortgage Info, Please! Educating Buyers With Awesome Content :)

One of our borrowers once told us – “I asked the same question to three other loan officers before I read the FAQs on your website, and none of the loan officers came close to explaining the answer as clearly as your FAQs.”

We take enormous pride in the info we provide on our website, we write it all ourselves and update it constantly, and we love it when people (especially agents) share it with others.

Our website is chock full of crystal-clear information that borrowers and agents alike seem to really appreciate. Our daily blog also provides excellent insight.

Please feel free to share it as often as you can, as more borrower-education helps everyone.

A few examples:

When can I lock in my rate?

How long does my pre-approval letter remain valid?

Why is my credit score online so much higher than the one you are reporting?

Can we avoid pulling my credit during the pre-approval process?

How does JVM get paid?

What are impounds? Should I get impounds?

What is the difference between my APR and the rate you quoted me for my mortgage?

What are all the different types of loans I can get?

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