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Priorities, Focus and Food on the Ceiling

Twice over the last six months, I came home to find food on the ceiling. It happened b/c Heejin was cooking a special diet en masse for her cancer-stricken brother in law, while also fielding borrower calls, meeting Realtors and running a company.

She would run around the kitchen making mass quantities of food with a phone on one ear and two iPads on the counter – it was a sight to behold. And during all this, sometimes the lid didn’t make it all the way on the blender, and boom: food on the ceiling.

Heejin neither noticed nor cared b/c she was focused on caring for her brother in law while also honoring her obligations. She did both with amazing compassion and skill, often running 24/7 while many personal items fell by the wayside.

Her brother in law passed away yesterday and I suspect Heejin is very relieved that she ignored so many trivial things in order to focus on his care.

This is just another great life and business lesson.

We all have a tendency to want to keep our ducks in a row at all times before moving ahead with any obligations or endeavors. It is important, however, to never let “lining up your ducks” become your only priority when you should instead be focusing on what is truly important.

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