Planning Vs. Acting (Learning How to Fish) BEST TWEET EVER?

    I recently saw this excellent tweet by a man named “Dickie Bush” (I can’t think of a better name to take advice from 😊).

    Anyway, Dickie used to be addicted to “planning” – of all things.

    To quote Dickie: “My brain loved the cheap dopamine of gathering books to read, tasks to complete, and videos to watch. But when it came to taking action, the euphoric rush faded. What ended my addiction? This story of two men learning to fish…”

    I will summarize the story here, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading the full tweet thread.

    Two men decided to become fishermen.

    Man “A” buys a fancy boat, the best equipment, and all of the training materials money can buy – and starts doing everything he can to prepare himself to be the best fisherman ever.

    Man “B” buys a “shitty” pole and just starts fishing…

    B catches nothing every day for over a week but continues to try different techniques until he finally starts to catch fish (continually tweaking his process the entire time).

    When A finally starts to fish himself, after a few months of planning and training, he catches nothing – because B had fished out the lake and moved on (I think we’re supposed to ignore the environmental degradation aspect of this story 😊).

    In other words, B’s bias towards action, trial, and error had propelled him far past A (who was mired in excessive planning and training).

    Again – please read the thread because I am not doing the story justice.

    This story though is perfect for this time of year when millions of Americans are planning for 2022.

    The story is a wonderful reminder that our planning is easy and fun, but often far less valuable than the more difficult (and scary) task of actually taking action.

    This of course does not just apply to business, but also to self-improvement (new habits, new hobbies, physical fitness, new skills, education, etc.).

    And as a quick note, JVM Lending will be closed tomorrow for the New Year Holiday.


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