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Letting Employee Go Is Usually Best for Employee; Way Better Off

Yesterday, I discussed DISC personality tests and a high “D” and high “I” employee that we tried to stuff into an admin role with poor results.

That former employee still gets our Daily Comments and replied to me in good nature, knowing I was talking about him.

He was good natured b/c he is a great guy and b/c he is thriving at his new job. He is a great salesman and now doing only what he does best.

Parting ways with an employee who is not thriving in an organization is often far better for the employee than it is for the organization. If an employee is not doing well, it is often b/c the employee is in the wrong role, and not b/c of a lack of talent. This was hardest concept for me to grasp when I became a true “manager.”

Parting ways with a non-performing employee is the best thing you can do for the employee.

Jay Voorhees
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