uber-business-model The primary reason Uber is so successful is not b/c it has nicer cars, or b/c it is cheaper than cabs. It is successful b/c they removed friction from the transaction. You get to just hop in an out of the car.

Amazon is so successful not b/c it has a big selection or low prices. It is successful b/c of one click shopping – no friction.

Paypal, Venmo, and iTunes are additional examples of companies or apps that remove friction.

Every time I listen to an interview with a successful tech CEO, he or she will mention their obsession with removing friction and middlemen from transactions as the key to their success.

The most recent example was Ian Siegel of Zip Recruiter on The Investors Podcast.


When Heejin used to work for a major mortgage bank, there were middlemen of every sort in every channel of the company with silly titles like chief motivation officer, chief happiness officer, chief flavor officer, chief chocolate officer, chief broccoli officer, etc.

OK – I made some of those up, but it was almost that bad. In any case, there were numerous layers of “chiefs” who did nothing to help Heejin get more business or close more loans.

The worst part of it was that her rates were far higher b/c all of those managers had to be paid out of the commissions generated by Heejin’s loans, and borrowers knew it.

This is a major problem in the mortgage and real estate industries and consumers are leery of it.

At JVM, our entire system is designed to remove as much friction as possible for both borrowers and Realtors, and we are adding all kinds of new technology to make our systems even more streamlined.

We intend to make document uploading, document signing, status updates, and virtually everything else associated with the mortgage process as simple and as easy as possible.

In addition, we run an exceptionally lean operation with virtually no middlemen.

This is just a reminder that in this day and age, there is no other way to run a business if you want to grow.

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