10 Worst Boss Traits

I came across an article titled “10 Worst Boss Traits” while writing today’s blog about “bad bosses,” and it was way better than my blog :).

So I thought I’d just share the top 10 list along with the article linked above. These are simply great reminders for everyone with assistants or employees.

An HR company surveyed 1,000 employees and ranked the main reasons why they quit their former jobs.

10 Worst Boss Traits That Make People Quit

  1. Your boss takes credit for your work (63 percent)
  2. Your boss doesn’t appear to trust or empower you (62 percent)
  3. Your boss doesn’t appear to care if you’re overworked (58 percent)
  4. Your boss doesn’t appear to advocate for you when it comes to monetary compensation (wages/salary/bonuses) (57 percent)
  5. Your boss hires and/or promotes the wrong people (56 percent)
  6. Your boss doesn’t back you up when there’s a dispute between you and one of your company’s clients (55 percent)
  7. Your boss doesn’t provide proper direction on assignments/roles (54 percent)
  8. Your boss micromanages you and doesn’t allow you the “freedom to work” (53 percent)
  9. Your boss focuses more on your weaknesses than your strengths (53 percent)
  10. Your boss doesn’t set clear expectations (52 percent)

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