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How Sky-High Stock and Bitcoin Prices Distort The World (Labor Force Participation)

I personally know several men under 50 who have “retired” or left the labor force because their Bitcoin and crypto holdings have made them feel wealthy enough to do so. These guys of course are not unique as there are thousands (maybe millions) of other people who have done the same.Read More

Why The NASDAQ Impacts Homebuying So Much

After the 2008 meltdown, a borrower told me how sad she and her husband were because they lost $250,000. They bought their home in the 1990s for $300,000 and watched it appreciate to $1 million by 2006ish. Interestingly, they pulled cash out every 18 months to buy boats, jet skis, new cars, and vacations.Read More

2022 Predictions: Fed, Inflation, Stocks, Interest Rates, Housing, & Rents

Happy New Year! Here are some predictions for 2022. I am sharing these predictions, however, for two reasons: (1) they are from Barry Habib and he has been more accurate than anyone over the last several years; and (2) they involve factors that significantly influence the mortgage and real estate industries – and are encouraging overall.Read More