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Rocket Fired All of Their Realtor-Loan-Officers! Why?

Rocket just fired all of its newly minted real estate agent/loan officers – surprising… nobody. Before I explain this though, I want to touch on something I missed in this […]Read More

NAR Lawsuit via Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman is an extremely successful real estate investor and YouTube commentator, and he weighed in on the NAR collusion/cartel lawsuit last week with some very interesting comments. Here is his entire 42-minute video Devastating NAR Real Estate Class Action Lawsuit! and I recommend it in full (at 2x speed of course). But, here are a few takeaways.Read More

Are There Too Many Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers? Here Are The Shocking Numbers

The title for this blog came from this HousingWire article:  There Are Too Many Real Estate Agents and LOs. It’s A Problem.  The author, James Kleimann, was also on this […]Read More

America’s Top 500 Agents; Succeeding In Down Markets = Gold Mine That Pays Forever

I entered the mortgage business in 1994 in a market very similar to our current market, as rates had just risen sharply – bringing a sharp end to what was […]Read More

iBuyers Vs. Real Estate Agents – What’s The Difference?

Both iBuyers and Real Estate Agents share the same goal of assisting in the sale of homes, however, their processes are wildly different.Read More

Rates Have Not Been This High Since… 2021

RATES HAVE NOT BEEN THIS HIGH SINCE 2021! I thought I would put interest rates in perspective again, given that they have risen so much (1/4% to 3/8%) since last […]Read More

Why You Should [NOT] Stop Building Your Own Brand

My boss arrived at work in a brand-new Lamborghini. I said, “Wow, that’s an amazing car!” He replied, “If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for […]Read More

Leveraging Yourself Virtually with MyOutDesk

We often encourage Realtors to leverage themselves by hiring an assistant, but many are afraid to take the leap. They often have no idea how to hire someone, or they […]Read More

Condition Issues Disclosed Must Be Fixed; Escrow Needs to Be Careful Too

We recently had a transaction come to a screeching halt b/c the escrow officer told our “funder” that there was a plumbing leak so she was crediting $1,000 to the […]Read More

Technology’s Not Replacing Realtors or Loan Officers; Warren Buffett & Fintech

We have all heard time and again over the last ten years how technology will totally disrupt real estate and mortgages, and replace Realtors and Loan Officers outright. Technology is […]Read More

Recipe for New Real Estate Agents to Follow?

Heejin sat on a panel last night at a Realtor event, giving advice to Realtors. This is humorous in light of the fact that she is and always will be […]Read More

Realtors Can Refer Buyers to Only One Lender; Not Steering If No Comp.

Rates would actually be a bit higher but for supply and demand. There is a strong market for mortgage backed securities (MBS), and as rates climb the volume of mortgages […]Read More

1/2% Since Election; Important Tips For Refi Guys Doing Purchases!!!

The huge rate increases do not threaten JVM’s business b/c we have always been about 85% purchases; we truly are purchase experts. With rates up so much though, the “refi […]Read More

FHA Mortgage Insurance LOWER Than PMI In Many Cases; FHA = Good

FHA = Good. That is one of the primary points we make during our “Mortgage 101” Seminars. This is b/c too many Realtors labor under the myth that FHA financing […]Read More