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Why Homebuyers Need To Use A Real Estate Agent

When Homebuyers Represent Themselves In Real Estate Transactions – Bad Things Happen 😊 Many years ago when I was new to the business, I wrote a purchase contract for one of my borrowers for a property in the hills of Oakland, CA. I thought it would be an easy way for her and I to […]Read More

Five Most Important Things Every Real Estate Agent MUST DO to Crush It in 2018

27,000 Things Realtors MUST DO… There is literally an endless supply of lists of things every real estate agent “must do” to crush it in 2018. At last count, there were about 27,000 “must do’s”, including writing business plans, reading more books, negotiating better, finding your niche, eating frogs, meditating, etc. Fortunately for everyone, we […]Read More

Calling Listing Agents and Touting Offers/Buyers

Now that the housing market is in full swing, I want to remind everyone that we are happy to call listing agents on our borrower’s behalf. We got several borrowers into contract this week only after speaking with the listing agent at length. B/c we fully pre-underwrite and pre-approve every one of our borrowers, we […]Read More

Lenders/Realtors Are On The Same Team; Loan Approvals Are Complex

All of our veteran Realtor partners very much understand that they are on the same team as their lenders, with the same end goals: serving the buyer and closing the transaction. Our veteran Realtors do a beautiful job supporting us, and we likewise go out of our way to support them. We bring this up […]Read More

Question HOA Owner Occ %’s; HOA Not Always Right

We have an investor buying a condo. Condo complexes need to be over 50% owner occupied for “investor” financing. Owner occupancy ratios are irrelevant for owner-occupied financing. The HOA initially told us that the Owner Occupancy ratio was 44% (too low for investor financing). The HOA simply based their estimate on the % non-site addresses […]Read More

Using “Realtor Commission” As Gift for Down Payment

Realtors writing offers for relatives can credit their commissions as “gifts” for down payments. We have a pre-approved borrower right now with limited down payment funds. Her daughter is a Realtor, however, and she is going to “gift” her commission to her Mother to be used towards most of the FHA down payment. Realtors can […]Read More

“Who Gets Rich Selling Real Estate?” Wall Street Journal Article

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article today entitled “Who Gets Rich Selling Real Estate?” The full article is here: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304591604579290394119863288 It discussed all the young people flooding prep courses and licensing exams b/c the luxury home market is coming back. Here are some key points from the article: I. It takes a surprising […]Read More