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    The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article today entitled “Who Gets Rich Selling Real Estate?” The full article is here.

    It discussed all the young people flooding prep courses and licensing exams because the luxury home market is coming back.

    Key Points From The Article

    #1 – It takes a surprising amount of money just to get into the industry for prep courses and licensing exams.

    #2 – The days of “housewives working part-time as a real estate agent” are over. Success is a full-time profession.

    #3 – Highly Successful Realtors need to:

    • Build teams of assistants to help them do volume.
    • Spend a huge amount of money to market relentlessly (the article discussed an individual who spends $335,000 per year).
    • Know people. Successful agents need to know when properties are coming to market before they hit the market.

    Final Note: JVM Lending is highly skilled at both hiring teams and database marketing, and we are more than willing to help anyone in need. Contact our team to set up a time to review your needs. 

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