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Rates Do Not Fall In Election Years – It’s A Myth – Until Now?

Whenever we are in or near an election year, I hear everyone, including my dogs Steve and Mike, say that “rates will fall because it is an election year...” Steve and Mike can be forgiven of course because they are Bernedoodles and they’re not very smart AND they have great difficulty googling (furry paws make typing really difficult).Read More

Reddit Bubble Boys Wrong; Dollar Not Going Anywhere; Bedrooms Need Windows

Here are a few unrelated updates and observations for a Monday. Bedrooms Need Windows I blogged recently about “What Is A Bedroom” (for appraisal purposes) and several readers responded to […]Read More

Rates Plummet! Barry Was RIGHT! THIS IS HUGE!

Barry Habib is the founder of MBS Highway, a subscription service that thousands of mortgage industry insiders subscribe to at a cost of $120 to $170 per month – and it is worth it!Read More

6 Reminders for Depressed Real Estate Agents

A prominent loan officer who has been meeting with multiple real estate agents recently told me that he has never seen so many “depressed real estate agents.” They are depressed […]Read More

Much Lower Interest Rates By March; Why & What It Means

On Thursday, CPI (inflation data) came in lower than expected – and we saw one of the largest one-day rate drops ever. I of course blogged about it here: THIS […]Read More

How Interest Rates Impact Home Values (Not What You Think)

“Jay, How Naïve Are You?” That was the response I got from a past client last spring when I was noting how higher interest rates had not yet impacted home […]Read More

The True Cost of “Low Rate” Commercial Bank Mortgages

Some regional commercial banks are buying the jumbo loan market right now with very aggressive rates. BUT – they come with an enormous cost that most borrowers do not take […]Read More

Nervous Homebuyers Taking Advantage of More Inventory; Surge in Contracts

We recently had a very nervous homebuyer (a single mom) come back to the market after sitting on the sidelines for about a year. This is despite the fact that […]Read More

Why A Strong U.S. Dollar Is TERRIFYING! (and what it means for real estate)

The mighty U.S. dollar has been hitting 20-year-highs over and over recently – and I was so proud that I booked a flight to Europe and ran around yelling: “USA! […]Read More

High Rates; Softer Market; ARMs; Housing Shortages; Recessions; Refis

Highest Mortgage Rates Since 2009 Last week’s sky-high inflation numbers have pushed 10-Year Treasury rates to levels we have not seen since 2018. While mortgage rates are at levels we […]Read More

The Cost of Waiting To Buy…

A pre-approved buyer of ours is devastated because he lost $75,000 of purchase power, despite getting a raise, and is now priced out of his desired market. This is a result of two things: (1) higher rates; and (2) waiting months to make offers.Read More

There Is No “One Rate” or “A Rate”

I have been hearing news reporters and commentators say: “…the Fed raised ‘the rate,’” over and over, as if there is a single interest that the Fed has the power […]Read More

Why Do We Quote Rates With Points – When We Dislike Points?

On Tuesdays, we send out an email to our entire database that says “What’s Going On With Rates?” And – in that email, we share numerous rate quotes – and […]Read More

Higher Interest Rates Did Not Slow Housing Appreciation; WHY?

A surge in home prices continues despite the fact that interest rates have climbed significantly – and will likely continue to climb at least in the near term. So, the question is, why do prices continue to surge in the face of higher rates? Two Reasons: (1) High demand because of demographics; and (2) Low inventory.Read More