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3% Down With No PMI Requirements

Private Mortgage Insurance, often abbreviated as PMI, is a type of insurance that lenders require from homebuyers who make a down payment that's less than 20% of the home's purchase price. But what is PMI on a mortgage?Read More

Avoid PMI with JVM’s “Zero MI” Programs

Avoid PMI with JVM’s "Zero MI" Program - an appealing loan alternative that can help you avoid PMI when putting less than 20% down.Read More

“Private” Mortgage Insurance vs. FHA Mortgage Insurance – Huge Difference!

I recently blogged about three options to eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), and I received several notes asking why I did not mention FHA Mortgage Insurance. By the way, I […]Read More

Eliminating PMI – With Appreciation, Paying Down Loan, or Refinancing!

A client who bought in 2019 emailed me this week, asking how to get out of PMI. Because appreciation has been so massive over the last few years, there is no reason anyone should have kept their PMI in place for more than two years.Read More

How To Estimate PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

An agent asked for this blog in December, and I am finally getting to it but should have done so much sooner because it was a great request! As an […]Read More

Using PMI To WAIVE Appraisal Contingencies

Many homebuyers do not realize that PMI can be an option for those who might want to make offers with no appraisal contingencies. This, of course, is a great idea, […]Read More

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) – When & Why It Is Pretty Awesome

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) earned an unjustified bad rap back in the 1990s. Investopedia, in fact, lists “six reasons to avoid PMI,” including: (1) Cost; (2) No Longer Tax Deductible; […]Read More

How To Avoid PMI With Less Than 20% Down

It is possible to purchase a home with less than 20% down and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). Homebuyers have many options when it comes to their loan’s down payment amount. Many borrowers are not aware of the amount of flexibility within the mortgage industry.Read More

PMI Can Help Homebuyers In California

Weighing the pros and cons of PMI? Many homebuyers have questions about mortgage insurance so we've outlined the ins and outs for California homebuyers.Read More

A Guide To Private Mortgage Insurance In California And Texas

California and Texas Homebuyers with small down payments are often subject to Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Many homebuyers have questions about PMI, why they have to pay it, and how they can avoid it when buying a home.Read More

“PMI” or “Private Mortgage Insurance” Explained (Briefly)

PMI remains a great option for high-LTV financing in 2019, and all too many borrowers and agents do not fully understand how it works. First of all, PMI protects lenders […]Read More

How Much Are PMI Payments? How To Estimate Your PMI

Most everyone knows that buyers who put down less than 20% usually have to purchase Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI. But most people also have no idea how much PMI […]Read More

Mortgage Acronyms Every California Borrower Should Know

The mortgage industry is infamous for throwing a lot of mortgage acronyms around. If borrowers aren’t familiar with the mortgage industry or the lingo it can be confusing to understand what’s going on at times.Read More

Do First-Time Homebuyers Need Mortgage Insurance in California?

Mortgage Insurance (MI) can set off alarm bells for first-time homebuyers. Homebuyers are not automatically required to pay for mortgage insurance just because they are first-time homebuyers. MI requirements can vary between loan amounts and loan programs.Read More