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5% Down Jumbo Financing; 10% Down Jumbo; Inflation Up

Here is something that really surprised me… We have seen a tremendous upswing in the number of buyers asking about low-down-payment (5% to 10%) JUMBO financing. It is so surprising […]Read More

What Is 5% Down Jumbo Loan Financing?

5% down jumbo loan financing refers to mortgage loan amounts over the conventional loan limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). There are a few main features of 5% down jumbo loan financing that create more stringent guidelines. These main features are credit scores, debt ratios, housing history, reserve funds, and down payment amount.Read More

Getting A Jumbo Loan With A Low Credit Score

Jumbo financing refers to when a property's loan amount exceeds the county loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Compared to other types of mortgage financing, jumbo guidelines are far more stringent and nuanced when it comes to income, assets, and credit. Often you can get much more competitive rates with these products, however, it can be much harder to qualify for.Read More

17 Day JUMBO Financing – With No Contingencies & Super Low Rates!

I often blog about how jumbo rates are as much as 1% LOWER than conforming rates and explain why too. This recent blog is just one example. Our Jumbo Niche […]Read More

What Is A Jumbo Loan In Texas?

Jumbo loans are mostly used by those purchasing higher-end or “luxury” properties. By design, conforming loan limits are usually set higher than the median home price within a particular county. In theory, this gives homebuyers plenty of properties to choose from without the need for a jumbo loan.Read More

Jumbo Loan Rates 3/4% LOWER In California and Texas

The Jumbo vs. Conforming Difference Widens! As of the date of this blog, December 13th, 2021, the rate for a $1 million jumbo loan at a 1/2 point cost is 2.5%. The […]Read More

Our Massive Jumbo Niche & How It Benefits You!

The median home value in many of our core markets is well in excess of $1 million! As a result – we were FORCED to become “Jumbo Financing Experts” because […]Read More

“Reserves” – Why & When They Are SO IMPORTANT!

WHY TWO NEARLY IDENTICAL BORROWERS GOT 1/2% DIFFERENT RATES We recently had two nearly identical borrowers get rate quotes that were 1/2% different on the same day they were quoted […]Read More

Buying A Home For Your Child – Options?

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO BUY A HOME FOR YOUR CHILD? This is a question we see quite often so I thought I’d list the options. No Mas “FHA […]Read More

10% Down Jumbo Options; 80/10/10s; Rates Hit All-Time Lows – Yawn

RATES HIGHER THAN IN JULY DESPITE “RECORD LOWS” Housing Wire was reporting that mortgage rates hit all-time lows again last week – and I yawned again last week. This is […]Read More

Jumbo Financing Lives! Appraisals Getting Done; Bridge Loans; Interest Rate Update

JUMBO FINANCING STILL AVAILABLE Agents continue to ask us if we are still offering jumbo financing – and the answer is emphatically yes! Rates remain in the mid-3% range for […]Read More

Jumbo Market Lives; Inflation = Windfall; Why Lenders Are Terrified of Forbearances

I am repeating this b/c I am still getting so many questions: The Jumbo Market Definitely Lives. Jumbo buyers with 20% down can buy up to $1.6 million in CA […]Read More

Jumbo Loans in California

Jumbo loans are becoming increasingly popular for California homebuyers. This is mostly due in part to the rising costs of homes in the state. As a result, increasingly more homebuyers in California are having to use jumbo loans to finance their property purchases.Read More

17 Day Close – Conventional and FHA Only; Nobody Closing Jumbos “Fast”

We tout our “Super 17” or 17 Day Closings often, but we need to emphasize that this is only for Conventional and FHA Loans, and not for Jumbo Loans. Nobody […]Read More