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Zillow: Prices Down 0.1%! NOT. A. CRASH.

Good Gravy! “Good gravy” is what my South Dakota grandma used to say whenever she saw or heard something absurd – and she would be screaming that now if she saw all the headlines alluding to a “housing crash.” Zillow’s Latest Terrifying Report (Is Not Terrifying At All) The following is from this article from […]Read More

Why Homes Have to “Season” After Close Before Appraising Them for More

“I knew a guy who sold his house for $100,000 under the market value because he felt like it…” said nobody. Ever. My point is that no seller is ever going to knowingly sell a property for under market value in this day and age – when listing information is made available to everyone via […]Read More

Is The Housing Affordability Crisis A Myth?

We constantly hear horror stories about the housing affordability crisis, and how it will push too many buyers out of the market and foster a correction of sorts. CNBC’s Diana Olick is one pundit who frequently spreads concern about the issue, as she did in this recent article. And, here is another recent example from […]Read More

Your Home Just Appreciated 25% – Now What?

Home values in the U.S. increased an average of almost 12% over the last 12 months, according to Zillow. But, in some markets – like Austin, TX – we saw appreciation of over 25%! Dallas saw almost 11%, while Sacramento saw 15%. Poor San Francisco was the outlier with DEPRECIATION of almost 3%! So – […]Read More