How Much Can I Borrow For A Home Loan

It is crucial for a homebuyer to understand how much you can borrow when you applying for a loan. This question is one of the biggest on every potential homebuyer’s mind. The answer will determine where you will look for homes, what you can offer, and how much you’ll have to save. We’ve put together […]Read More

Debt: A Common Reason for Mortgage Denial

Summary: There are several reasons why homebuyers may be denied when applying for a mortgage. Pre-existing debt can be one of these reasons. Debt is one of the more common reasons for loan denial in California and throughout the country. When homebuyers have a great deal of debt, it is detracted from their income during […]Read More

“Gross Income” For DTI Calculations; Adjusting W4; Tax Benefits

Most people know that lenders only look at “Gross Income” when evaluating Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratios. In other words, lenders evaluate a borrower’s income before taxes are taken out. This sometimes makes no sense to borrowers b/c the payment they qualify for leaves them so little extra cash left over after they make their payment…IF they […]Read More