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What Are The Credit Score Requirements for A VA Loan?

Discover how to navigate VA loan eligibility and credit score requirements with JVM Lending's guide. Learn about the unique opportunities VA loans offer to veterans and active military personnel, including no down payment and competitive interest rates. Understand the significance of your credit score, explore JVM Lending's inclusive credit criteria, and gain insights into choosing a trustworthy lender. Our comprehensive support and advice aim to empower veterans with the knowledge to secure their dream home.Read More

Using a Mortgage Calculator for Buying a Home in Oregon

If you're looking for a free mortgage calculator tailored to Oregon's housing market, look no further. Our Oregon mortgage calculator at JVM Lending is designed specifically to provide you with the most accurate estimates for your Oregon homebuying journey.Read More

Florida Vacation Homes: Your Dream Investment Awaits

Investing in a Florida vacation home offers a blend of personal enjoyment and financial opportunity. With JVM Lending's expertise, you can navigate the process with confidence and ease. From understanding home loans options to choosing the perfect location, we're here to ensure your dream of owning a vacation home in Florida becomes a reality.Read More

Why Mortgage Lenders Are Terrified of Class Action Lawsuits Going After Agent Commissions (Interesting Observations)

Most lenders get the majority of their qualified buyer leads from buyers' agents. Losing them will upend the lending industry as well as the real estate industry.Read More

No Down Payment, No Problem (Down Payment Assistance Programs)

When Boomers Are Wrong… For years, I downplayed the efficacy of down payment assistance programs, saying they were too slow to close, too expensive, and/or too off-putting for sellers (so […]Read More

VA Jumbo Loans in California

VA loans are a great real estate purchase option for eligible veteran borrowers. Unlike conventional or FHA loans, VA loans allow borrowers to obtain purchase loans with a $0 down payment. Borrowers can even obtain jumbo loans over the county loan limit with no downpayment required. Interest rates on VA loans are very competitive as well.Read More

Income Needed to Buy $450,000 and $1 Million Homes?

Per a request from an agent, here are some estimates of the income necessary to buy a $1 million home in California and a $450,000 home in Texas. We made some very conservative assumptions too, so it is important to remember that the numbers below are just estimates – as rates, property taxes, consumer debt levels, and loan program requirements will vary.Read More

iBuyers Vs. Real Estate Agents – What’s The Difference?

Both iBuyers and Real Estate Agents share the same goal of assisting in the sale of homes, however, their processes are wildly different.Read More

Why CA Is So “Hot;” Median Home Prices

MEDIAN HOME PRICES If the CA housing market was not appreciating at all, but every buyer suddenly decided they would only buy 4,000 square foot, $1 million homes in 2021 […]Read More

Six Home Loan Tips For The Self-Employed

There was a time when lenders would accept whatever income you put on your application as accurate and true. These were called “stated income” loans; for many obvious reasons, they no longer exist. There were also loan programs where the lender would accept a record of your bank deposits as documentation of income.Read More

Why A Home Inspection Is Crucial For Homebuyers

Many homebuyers have found the perfect home, signed the paperwork, and may think they're good to go. However, that is not the case. Even if you've done your research and saved your money and made an offer on the perfect house, you need to have a home inspection. Unfortunately, to save a little cash, some buyers make the mistake of neglecting to have a home inspection done.Read More

How To Reduce Stress When Buying & Selling A Home

If you are simultaneously buying and selling a home, you are probably experiencing major stress levels. Is there a way to make this process less stressful? Here are three strategies to help you stay calm and focused while buying and selling a home.Read More

Is Renting Or Buying Better For You?

Many people want to know if renting or buying a home is right for them and their finances. There are pros and cons to renting and buying a home. To find out if you should continue to rent or if you're prepared to own, check out the rest of this blog.Read More

When Is The Best Time To Buy A House?

Are you considering buying a home in the Bay Area? Are you unsure of when the right time to buy is? There are many variables in the homebuying process, the first of which is deciding when to move. Many homebuyers want to time the market and take advantage of the seasonal nature of real estate.Read More