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Why I Still Love Stocks – Despite the Looming Crash

I have blogged about a potential stock market crash or at least a substantial correction many times. I still think the stock market will correct, and it will likely do so this year** – but I don’t think anyone should sell all of their stocks. I always just repeat George Gammon’s advice and advocate diversification across asset classes and remaining liquid enough to pick up bargains – should the stock market correct significantly.Read More

I Personally Watched A Billionaire Lose Everything; Wife Stayed Rich; Lessons?

Northern California was ground zero for the dotcom melt-up in the late 1990s and the implosion in 2000. Living in NorCal at the time, I was able to personally bear […]Read More

If the Stock Market Crashes, What Happens to the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries?

“I hope the stock market continues to boom because that means more money for down payments, a willingness to buy no matter what, and more appraisals for me…” I have a friend in the SF Bay Area who has been appraising for almost 40 years, and he made the above observation to me last week.Read More

When Will The Stock Market Crash? Billionaires Think It’ll Be Soon

"JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon’s, big JPMorgan stock sale may be a warning sign, given his stellar track record at market timing.” That is a CNBC headline from this morning. This short post on X explains that Dimon timed the bottom of the market perfectly when he bought millions of shares in 2009 and 2016. So, in light of his impeccable insight and timing, one might think that his recent massive SALE of over 800,000 JPMorgan shares signals a market top.Read More

Fed Holds & Rates Fall: How Jobless Claims, Productivity & BLS Reports Impact Mortgage Rates; Inflation’s Over

Rates fell again this morning in response to negative labor market news and positive productivity news. Initial and continuous jobless claims came in higher than expected today along with more layoff announcements from the likes of UPS (12,000), Salesforce (7,000), and Microsoft (3,000). Bond investors are of course very leery of all these numbers, as they understand that layoffs are always the final shoe to drop once we’re in a recession and this this could just be the beginning. Labor market productivity improved too – and that is huge! Productivity refers to the total amount of output relative to total hours worked – and it is something America is particularly adept at improving. It is extremely important because improved productivity is another indication that inflation will be tamed, as labor costs are a major component of inflation.Read More

Rates To Shoot Up 2% Early Next Year, Per Felix Zulauf… Before Plummeting (Along With Stocks)

According to Felix Zulauf, renowned fund manager and macro-analyst, the 10 Year Treasury yield could spike to 5.5% early next year (which could push mortgage rates up almost 2% from today’s levels) - before plummeting over the rest of the year. Zulauf also believes that the S&P 500 could easily crash by as much as 40% off its peak.Read More

Why Do We HATE Each Other So Much? And Why Does It Matter For Housing?

America has not been this contentious or polarized since the Civil War – as most readers know. Many people blame social media for this polarization. The ability to post online without being face-to-face and the ability to post anonymously – seems to foster much more contentious and polarizing discourse.Read More

Why Stocks Will CRASH This Month; Rates EXPLODE to NEW RECORD HIGH!

The internet is abuzz with predictions of an imminent stock market crash because today’s charts parallel the charts from 1987 and 1929 so closely. Read More

When Great Economic News Is Actually Bad News

I Was Slapped in the Face With Very Good Economic News! For months now, I have been explaining how weak our overall economy is and why that portends much lower […]Read More

Getting Rich From Dry Powder (Cash On Hand)

You don’t need to be a wealthy investor to take advantage of massive opportunities in a down market. You just need to make sure you have some dry powder (cash on hand) – and be ready to take the plunge when opportunities arise.Read More

Why The NASDAQ Impacts Homebuying So Much

After the 2008 meltdown, a borrower told me how sad she and her husband were because they lost $250,000. They bought their home in the 1990s for $300,000 and watched it appreciate to $1 million by 2006ish. Interestingly, they pulled cash out every 18 months to buy boats, jet skis, new cars, and vacations.Read More

How Will The Stock Market Crash Impact Real Estate?

I ❤ Real Estate I frequently tout real estate as an excellent investment for the following reasons: (1) it is a great inflation hedge; (2) there is an inventory shortage […]Read More

Stocks Down; Rates Up; DELAYS Caused by Coronavirus and Refi Boom

NORMALLY – WHEN STOCKS FALL, RATES FALL (BUT NOT THIS WEEK) The Dow Jones stock market index peaked at 29,551 only 1 month ago (on Feb 12th). As I type […]Read More