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Will Housing Prices Drop In 2024?

RFK says that 3 giant corporations (BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street) will own 60% of America’s single-family homes by 2030, if they continue their buying trajectory. So, that huge amount of demand would be bullish for housing prices – despite the repercussions. BUT – the housing bears have been claiming for months that these same firms are going to start dumping all of their inventory, and thus crash the market. So – which is it? Excess demand from all the buying, or excess supply from all the selling? This is just a reminder that nobody actually has a clue what will happen over the long term – or even in 2024. I am, however, going to briefly set out the bullish and bearish arguments – and explain why I remain bullish.Read More

The Death of Airbnb – What It Means For Housing

Heejin dodged two bullets though: (1) she avoided the Airbnb meltdown altogether – as bookings have dropped massively everywhere; and (2) she sold all the homes at huge profits right before rates shot up and the markets we were in softened.Read More

17 Huge Reasons for Optimism; Inflation Here to Stay; Rates Won’t Fall! Boy, Was I WRONG!

I have been blogging over and over about the likelihood of a disinflation, deflation and/or a bad recession for over a year now.  My blogs are based on the opinions […]Read More

Why Major Inflation Is Inevitable – At Some Point (What To Do About It)

The world is facing massive energy and commodity shortages due to a lack of investment over the last several decades, and it will take decades more to replenish supplies and/or to find alternatives.Read More

Why The Fed Desperately Wants to TANK the Housing Market!

One of my favorite macro pundits, Alfonso Peccatiello (former $20 billion fund manager who goes by “Alf”) recently tweeted this: “The biggest group of consumers in the US owns houses, […]Read More

When ALL Assets Are Crashing – Make Sure There Is A “There There”

Pets.com famously spent $46 on advertising for every $10 in sales and flamed out in one of the most famous dotcom busts. The model was flawed from the start, and in hindsight it seems obvious that they could never generate profits – but investors bought up the stock by the bushel anyway.Read More

Why Housing Prices Will Double In 6 Years; No Bubble Here…Part 37

Interestingly, Barry Habib (MBS Highway Founder), Ken McElroy (famous real estate investor), and some dude on Reddit all recently made the case for much higher housing prices – DESPITE HIGHER […]Read More

Why The NASDAQ Impacts Homebuying So Much

After the 2008 meltdown, a borrower told me how sad she and her husband were because they lost $250,000. They bought their home in the 1990s for $300,000 and watched it appreciate to $1 million by 2006ish. Interestingly, they pulled cash out every 18 months to buy boats, jet skis, new cars, and vacations.Read More

Nice Guys Finishing First; A Very Telling Staubach-Story

In the TV series/cartoon “King of the Hill,” the characters all spoke about former Dallas Cowboys football stars with god-like reverence – and it was hilarious. Even more comical though […]Read More

iBuyers Vs. Real Estate Agents – What’s The Difference?

Both iBuyers and Real Estate Agents share the same goal of assisting in the sale of homes, however, their processes are wildly different.Read More

How Will The Stock Market Crash Impact Real Estate?

I ❤ Real Estate I frequently tout real estate as an excellent investment for the following reasons: (1) it is a great inflation hedge; (2) there is an inventory shortage […]Read More

What Is A Jumbo Loan In California?

A jumbo loan in California is a loan amount that exceeds the conforming county loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). A jumbo loan is a conventional (not government-insured) mortgage loan.Read More

How Millennials Power The Housing Market – 6 Conclusions

“Millennials Are Super Charging The Housing Market” This was a front page headline in the WSJ recently. The millennial surge is something we have all seen coming – but there […]Read More

3 Biggest Reasons To Buy Real Estate

The 3 biggest reasons to buy real estate now are: Increasing Rents: Rents are skyrocketing and will only continue to shoot up with inflation. Buying now allows homeowners to permanently […]Read More