Why Loan Officers Don’t Use Their Own Company For Financing; No Loan Officer Models

OTHER LOAN OFFICERS CAME TO ME FOR MORTGAGES Prior to the 2008 Mortgage Meltdown, ironically, a major source of business was other loan officers coming to me for mortgage financing. They came to me back then for several reasons: 1) My rates were lower than theirs b/c of my model and the volume discounts I […]Read More

Everyone Needs to Differentiate Themselves; More Than Just “Service”

Business school professors constantly harp on the need for brands to differentiate themselves before they can grow. BMW, for example, differentiates by focusing on technology and performance. Other brands that differentiate themselves include Lush (makeup, pure ingredients, corporate responsibility); Airstream (trailers; cool, retro designs); and Whole Foods (groceries, “whole” foods, corporate responsibility; green). Differentiation of […]Read More

Building Your “Tribe” In The Post Internet Age; Be Heretical

JVM has no loan officers. None. Nobody is on commission. We were considered heretical for building a mortgage company with no salespeople building individual relationships and working for the almighty commission. Numerous consultants and mortgage bank owners tried to talk us into pursuing a traditional model, not understanding why our model would work. We tried […]Read More