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Inflation Looks “Eerily Similar To 1970s” A Good Thing For Those Of Us Tied To Real Estate

The 1970s were a terrifying decade, proving without a doubt that boomers are not very smart and pretty much tasteless. 😊 We had pet rocks, mood rings, water beds, bell bottoms, unbuttoned shirts, long straggly hair, macramé, short shorts for men, shag carpeting, avocado green appliances, lava lamps, disco, polyester suits, and a fervent belief that jogging would cure all ills (it didn’t; it mostly just gave us bad knees). It wasn’t just a few of us who had those things either; We ALL had all of those things, and don’t let any self-respecting boomer tell you otherwise!Read More

The Death of Inflation; Some Fascinating & Necessary Perspective

Today’s inflation report came in surprisingly tame, despite rising energy prices. It is another indication that inflation is clearly waning, as both Jeff Snider and Barry Habib have been predicting for some time.Read More


Barry Habib Hates CNBC’S Diana Olick! Mr. Habib is one of the macro pundits I cite very often because he is correct so often. “Hate” may also be too strong […]Read More

Much Lower Interest Rates By March; Why & What It Means

On Thursday, CPI (inflation data) came in lower than expected – and we saw one of the largest one-day rate drops ever. I of course blogged about it here: THIS […]Read More

Is the Airbnb/Short-Term Rental Market Crashing?

My wife Heejin and I were looking at a property in Park City, Utah last year, and the agent explained to us how easy it would be to turn it […]Read More

Why EVERYONE Needs A House as an Inflation Hedge Now More Than Ever!

I often blog about reasons to buy a property, as there are many: (1) avoid rising rents with a fixed housing payment; (2) tax advantages; (3) ability to do what […]Read More

Why Major Inflation Is Inevitable – At Some Point (What To Do About It)

The world is facing massive energy and commodity shortages due to a lack of investment over the last several decades, and it will take decades more to replenish supplies and/or to find alternatives.Read More

Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up ALL of America’s Farmland?

Bill Gates is now America’s largest owner of farmland, by far - alarming many people and making others simply wonder what the heck he is up to. I set out a few possibilities below, before delving into what I think the real reason is.Read More

A Home Is Your Castle Against Rising Inflation

My title is the exact headline from this recent WSJ column by economist Laurence Kotlikoff. The first line of his column was this: “Mortgage rates are up to 5%, and […]Read More

Richest Man in Germany Got Rich FROM INFLATION; You Can Too!

A Loaf Of Bread Cost $200 Billion! A loaf of bread in Berlin that cost around 160 deutschmarks (the German currency unit at the time) at the end of 1922 […]Read More

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Is One of The Best Inflation Hedges!

INFLATION ON THE HORIZON Major inflation seems all but inevitable in light of our burgeoning supply chain issues, massive government spending, enormous money supply infusions (printing), climbing CPI numbers, and […]Read More

Why COVID-19 Is Not Hitting Housing Prices

A few weeks ago, I blogged about why we are not seeing more foreclosures despite our severe recession and a huge number of delinquent borrowers. The reasons include: (1) borrowers […]Read More

“The Next Housing Boom Is Closer Than You Think”

The title of this blog is taken directly from this blog by Stansberry Research. I have hit the topic of a strong housing market numerous times in recent months but […]Read More

Yes, We Have Inflation Now – ASSET Inflation; Real Estate = Inflation Hedge

When I tout real estate as an inflation hedge, I often get comments like this: “Dude, we are seeing DEFLATION now; INFLATION is the least of our concerns….” I then […]Read More