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Buyers Waiting For Rates to Drop (Solutions); It’s “Fed Day” too!

There are approximately 735 million buyers (give or take 734 million) on the fence right now, "waiting for rates to come down" - before they buy.Read More

Panic Over Price Reductions Is Unwarranted

“If the housing market is so strong, why are we seeing so many price reductions?”  That was a question I received last week. And the answer is… we always see price reductions.   Read More

Short-Term Credit Repair Can Lower Rate 1%! It’s Free and Easy

We always offer free credit repair to borrowers whenever we see the potential for obvious “fixes” on a credit report. To be clear, increasing a score by 140 points is a big reach, but we do often increase scores by as much as 60 points – and that can still result in a rate that is as much as 1/2% lower. We use credit repair software to run “what if” scenarios, and then advise borrowers on what to pay off or how to shift balances. Borrowers don’t usually have to pay off entire balances either, but instead need to simply pay them down to optimal levels.Read More

When Will Mortgage Rates Drop?

Mortgage Rates Will Drop 2% On January 8, 2024! Or not, because nobody has a clue what will actually happen. A recession was delayed due to stimulus, but it is coming, and rates will fall – likely sometime between October and Q1 of 2024.Read More

U.S. Dollar Is Surging & It’s Not Good! Temporary Buydowns Are Back!

In early April I wrote this blog and it went viral:  The U.S. Dollar Is Going To Collapse And It Will Be Horrific!   I highly recommend re-reading the blog because it […]Read More

5 Reasons to Get a “Second Mortgage” ASAP

This is a version of a blog I wrote last year, but with a twist. Last year, I focused on Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOCs) instead of just “Second […]Read More

How Much Power Do Appraisers Have Over Market Values? Holy Rate Volatility, Batman!

Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing The above subheading is the sound of interest rates bouncing up and down, and today they are way up. This is exactly the type of volatility […]Read More

The Appraisal Type Everyone Should Avoid at All Costs! 5 Appraisal Types

Today’s blog was written by JVM’s Appraisal Manager, Taylor Allen. She orders our appraisals, manages our appraisal team, carefully curates and manages our huge stable of appraisers, reviews appraisals, rebuts appraisals, […]Read More

There Is Not Going To Be A Soft Landing – Most Important Blog This Year!

This may be the most important blog I write all year because it will impact how readers invest and plan for the future – and it openly refutes the mainstream […]Read More

Fannie’s Greatest Hits; First-Time Buyers Don’t Get Hit! Watch For Hidden Points!

In February, I blogged about Fannie Mae’s Greatest Hits, referring to all of the things that can impact an individual’s interest rate. These things include credit score; loan amount; property […]Read More