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5 Key Credit Reminders & Misconceptions; Albert Einstein On Interest Rates!

Albert Einstein On Predicting Interest Rates (true story) When Einstein died and went to heaven, the doorman told him his room was not ready, and that he had to wait in a dormitory with others. So, he was led to a dorm and introduced to his roommates. The doorman said, “Here is your first roommate. […]Read More

Why We Have to Pull Credit, and Why Buyers Don’t Need to Worry About “Inquiries”

We frequently have borrowers ask us to provide pre-approvals without pulling credit b/c they are concerned about too many “inquiries” on their credit reports. It is, however, impossible to provide a pre-approval without pulling credit. WHY WE HAVE TO PULL CREDIT The below is from the FAQ Section of our website. “Along with your income, […]Read More