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Everything You Need to Know About Appraised Value in Real Estate

Have you ever wondered how appraised value impacts the real estate market and the homebuying process? Whether you're buying, selling, or refinancing a home, understanding the concept of appraised value is crucial. It plays a significant role in determining the worth of a property and affects various aspects of real estate transactions.Read More

Why Appraisers Often Come In So Much Lower Than Homeowner Estimates

We once had clients who spent dozens (if not hundreds) of hours removing the popcorn ceilings from their $950,000 home. Because they put so much “sweat” into their equity, they […]Read More

Why & When Appraisals Do NOT Equal Market Value

BEATING THE APPRAISAL DEAD HORSE I beat this dead horse more than any other simply because the issue surfaces so often. This week was no exception when a buyer of […]Read More

When “Appraised” Value Is NOT Market Value

Because the market is heating up again, we have had several appraisal issues recently where there were simply no comparable sales available to support the contract price (despite multiple offers […]Read More

“External Influences” (Busy Streets, BART, Cemeteries, etc.) Can Significantly Impact Values

Real estate agents involved in transactions with external influences sometimes under-estimate their effect and get frustrated when appraisers have difficulty supporting value. The most common problem involves properties on busy […]Read More

Appraised Value Often Does Not Equal Market Value

I share this story often during our Mortgage 101 Seminars. We once had a transaction in Berkeley involving a property that was listed for $850,000, and there were more than […]Read More