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Is the U.S. Dollar Going to Die? Does It Matter?

At some point the U.S. Dollar will likely crash and lose its reserve currency status – sending the entire U.S. economy into a tailspin. Throughout history, the world’s most powerful country (economically and/or militarily) has usually provided the world’s reserve currency. Since the 15th century, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Great Britain (1815 – 1920), […]Read More

U.S. Dollar at Record Highs & Twitter Is Panicking! Why?

The U.S. dollar is again hitting record highs, and it is much stronger than it was even a few months ago when I last blogged about it: Why a Strong U.S. Dollar Is Terrifying! My favorite way to gauge the dollar’s strength is by watching the DXY Index. The chart at the bottom of this […]Read More