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Will Low Rates Break the Mortgage Rate Lockdown Logjam & Crush the Market?

Despite naysayers insisting that mortgage rate lockdowns are NOT a thing, it seems abundantly obvious to us in the industry that they are most definitely “a thing.” Sellers are reluctant to sell if they have to buy a new home with a mortgage in a 4% to 5% higher rate environment. Hence, sellers are “locked down” by their low-rate mortgages, and this is the reason why inventory remains so tight.Read More

WeWork Crash = Sign Of Worse Things To Come &… Lower Rates

I rarely mention this, but Heejin and I started a tech company called WeDrink – and we were actually billionaires…for a while. Read More

Why Humor Is Necessary To Advance Your Career & Life

DOGS NAMED STEVE & MIKE I have a dog named Steve, and we just got a friend for him that we are going to name “Mike.” We are naming our […]Read More

Success Bias; Dunning-Kruger; Luck & Self-Awareness

MY DOG STEVE HOSTS SEMINARS My dog Steve breaks records every month, as he eats more dog food than ever before every month. The problem is that it makes him […]Read More

Whoever Has The Most Friends Wins; A Reminder That Hard Work Alone Doesn’t Cut It

NYU Professor, Scott Galloway, who I quote often b/c of his exceptional success in business, tweeted this: “People think of it as strong alpha males who deserve to win. That’s […]Read More

How Hard Should You Work to Succeed?

A few years ago, we hired some extremely talented people from Silicon Valley who informed me after they started that people from Silicon Valley “usually don’t work that hard,” and […]Read More

What’s Up With Compass Real Estate? Hype vs. Reality?

NYU Professor, Scott Galloway, recently released a fascinating six-minute video about Compass Real Estate. Galloway was the one who recently illuminated WeWork’s glaring weaknesses, so he looked into other SoftBank […]Read More

Scott Galloway’s Excellent Career Advice! Good for All Ages

EXTRAORDINARY CAREER ADVICE Scott Galloway, the CEO and founder of L2Inc., churns out some of the most informative and entertaining videos on the internet. A few months ago, he provided […]Read More