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Understanding APR vs. Interest Rate

When comparing loans, the APR is an invaluable tool. It's not just about the rate of interest; it's about the overall costs of a loan. By factoring in additional fees and costs, APR provides a more comprehensive picture of what you’ll actually pay. This is crucial for making informed decisions, especially when comparing loans with different structures and fees.Read More

“Private” Mortgage Insurance vs. FHA Mortgage Insurance – Huge Difference!

I recently blogged about three options to eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), and I received several notes asking why I did not mention FHA Mortgage Insurance. By the way, I […]Read More

Average Texas Monthly Mortgage Payment In 2022

Calculating the average mortgage payment for Texas homebuyers can easily be done using a mortgage calculator to calculate the difference between Texas' average home value and the mortgage rates recorded by Freddie Mac.Read More

How Much Do Higher Rates Affect Payments?

Recently, I facetiously wrote a blog about why rising rates would crash the housing market, pointing out that they actually won’t 😊. So – because of yesterday’s blog and because […]Read More