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Why Mortgage Lenders Are Terrified of Class Action Lawsuits Going After Agent Commissions (Interesting Observations)

Most lenders get the majority of their qualified buyer leads from buyers' agents. Losing them will upend the lending industry as well as the real estate industry.Read More

Are There Too Many Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers? Here Are The Shocking Numbers

The title for this blog came from this HousingWire article:  There Are Too Many Real Estate Agents and LOs. It’s A Problem.  The author, James Kleimann, was also on this […]Read More

SHOCKING: Huge Lender Exits Business; JVM Here To Stay; JVM Rate Drop Free-Fi®; Opting Out Too

Please Don’t Get Pummeled With Phone Calls (Opt Out) I blogged a few weeks ago about borrowers getting pummeled (literally) with phone calls after they apply for mortgages. This is […]Read More

Desktop Appraisals Coming Soon

Desktop Appraisals Are Coming! An appraiser recently charged us $2,000 for a basic appraisal in suburbia with a slightly larger lot and a moderately short time frame – because we […]Read More