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Panic Over Price Reductions Is Unwarranted

“If the housing market is so strong, why are we seeing so many price reductions?”  That was a question I received last week. And the answer is… we always see price reductions.   Read More

The Dangerous Cost of Low-Ball Offers! Student Loans Are Due Again!

While mortgage rates are generally holding, 10 Year Treasury yields fell for the third day in a row. I mention this at the top of the blog because this is something we have not seen since May; the reasons include a somewhat benign inflation report and weaker-than-expected employment and manufacturing data.Read More

Fear & Uncertainty Keeping Buyers & Sellers On Sidelines

Agents continue to tell me that they have numerous buyers and sellers sitting on the sidelines because there is just too much uncertainty; in other words, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and […]Read More

Putting the “Median Home Price” Nonsense to Bed – Once and For All

Earlier this week, the “Existing Home Sales” report was released for February, and it showed that the median home price in the U.S. had dropped by a whopping 0.2% from February of 2022. The media pounced on this with headlines that screamed: “Home Prices Go Negative!” But… alas, they didn’t.Read More

Surge In Contracts, Pre-Approvals, And Returning Clients

Rates fell again today, exactly like macro pundits Jeff Snider and Barry Habib have been predicting for about a year now. Once again – they both told us earlier this […]Read More

Fastest Rate Increase Since 1981; Will Recession Lower Rates?

The Fed has engineered the fastest increase in mortgage rates since 1981 – as rates have nearly doubled over the last several months. And, interestingly, housing continues to appreciate for the usual reasons we cite often: (1) inventory remains at record low levels primarily due to a lack of building, not demand, since 2008; (2) demand remains stronger than ever primarily as a result of demographics or millennials hitting homebuying age; and (3) affordability has not been affected as much as people think because incomes have risen with inflation.Read More

No Housing Bubble Here Part XXII; 12 Million More Households Than In 2007!

17% ANNUAL APPRECIATION SCARES PUNDITS Housing appreciated 16.6% from May of 2020 to May of 2021. This is a record and it is again sparking media concerns that we are […]Read More

Housing Inventory Shortages – Is Help On The Way?

INVENTORY SHORTAGE – WILL THERE BE RELIEF? Homebuyers nationwide are facing severe housing inventory shortages while median home prices continue to rise. Pundits are weighing in on whether relief is […]Read More

Refi Boom Over? Record Appreciation; Affordability Crisis? Not Here

I got this text last week from a panicked listing agent: “Jay, my listing is supposed to close Friday and the lender went MIA; how fast can you close?” I get texts and emails like that all the time, but have been getting them slightly more often lately, and I suspect the reason has to do with all the “refi shops” trying to turn into “purchase shops.”Read More