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What’s the Deal with Home Insurance in California?

Home insurance is a policy that nearly all homeowners need to protect them from financial losses in the event their property becomes damaged. What is Home Insurance Home insurance is a specific type of insurance that is designed to protect homeowners against losses and damages caused by natural disasters (fires and storms), burglary and vandalism. […]Read More

Beware of Flood Insurance! Full Payment Up Front

Flood insurance can be brutal. We recently had a transaction in Oakland that required our buyer to pay almost $8,000 up front (prior to close) so we could obtain our required evidence of flood insurance. Similarly, we had a small transaction in a Contra Costa County suburb that required a $5,300 upfront payment. In both […]Read More

Alternative to FEMA Flood Insurance; Cheaper and Better

Several of our borrowers in flood zones have been able to obtain much cheaper flood insurance through Gary Blome at efloodquote.com as opposed to going through FEMA. We have blogged about this before but feel it is necessary again b/c Mr. Blome has been so helpful. Many people do not realize how expensive FEMA’s flood […]Read More