JVM Homeownership Advantage©

Benefits that go far beyond mortgages!

We are much more than just a lender, with numerous benefits before, during and after your transaction!

Moving Assistance

Make your move 10x easier! →

Monthly Home Value

See how your investment appreciates in value. →

Interest Rate Monitoring

Never miss an opportunity to refinance into a better loan. →

Home Management App

Organize and track your home’s maintenance and projects. →

Renovate to Sell

Get the most for your home when you’re ready to move again. →

JVM’s Easy Experience©

The smoothest homebuying experience possible. →

Relocation Technology

Our relocation app will make moving a breeze!

As soon as your offer is accepted on your new home, we’ll send you an invitation to access our relocation app so you can:

  • Compare movers, request estimates & reserve movers online
  • Access highly detailed moving checklists to take the stress out of moving
  • Set up your new home’s security and smart home automation
  • Access huge savings & special offers from major retailers – specifically tailored for new homebuyers!
  • Buy moving boxes & supplies at discount rates
  • Instantly set up your internet, tv, home insurance, utilities & more
  • Update your address with everyone & set up mail forwarding with a click of a mouse
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Track and organize your home projects and maintenance.

When you close on your new home, we’ll set you up with your own custom home management app, where you can:

  • View and access all of your home information and loan documents from your phone
  • Track, plan, and simplify home repairs and maintenance
  • Manage your home projects and track bids from vendors
  • Book and receive quotes from home pros
  • See how your home improvements increase the value of your home
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Personalized Monthly Home Value Updates

See how your investment in your home is continually paying off as it appreciates in value.

Every month you’ll receive a personalized and detailed email update that shows:

  • Your estimated home value
  • Equity levels & progress
  • Neighborhood trends
  • Current interest rates
  • Even potential investment opportunities using the equity in your home!

This is an incredibly valuable tool, enabling you to see how your investment is continually paying off and where you stand financially. Given that your home is likely the most valuable asset you own and your best potential source for retirement, this is one of our most popular features.

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Interest Rate Monitoring

Never miss an opportunity to refinance and save money!

We employ state-of-the-art technology to automatically and continually track your interest rate. After you’ve settled into your new home, we will:

  • Monitor your interest rate closely to identify when an interest rate dip could help you save hundreds of dollars each month. This is a service that never goes away!
  • Reach out whenever a valuable opportunity to refinance presents itself.
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Easy Mortgage Experience ©

The reason why we have more five-star reviews than any other lender!

Our team is unlike any other mortgage company; we don’t have loan officers or loan officer commissions – a setup that allows us to offer much lower rates and a level of responsiveness and service that is truly unmatched. Our “Super Team” model offers:

Some of the lowest rates available.

We conduct rate surveys weekly to ensure our rates are always among the lowest in the industry and consistently 1/4% to 3/8% LOWER than the national average.

Technology & Systems

We devote more resources on a per loan basis than any other lender with the sole purpose of making the mortgage process simpler and easier for our valued clients.

Availability 7 days a week.

Our mortgage experts are on hand to answer all your questions, 7 days a week.

Fast 14-day closings.

Because we work as a team, we’re able to keep things moving along at lightning-speed with no bottlenecks. And fast closings make your offer far more likely to get accepted!

No commissions = no pressure

Our team is not paid on commission, so you’ll never be pressured or pushed to do anything you don’t want to.

Complete pre-approvals and the best buyer education process in the industry!

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Renovate To Sell

Maximize your profit & attract more buyers when you sell your home.

When you’re ready to move up and sell your existing home, we’ll offer you exclusive access to work with a renowned company that specializes in renovating homes to help them sell for top dollar – with no out-of-pocket costs for you.

  • Maximize your sale profits, attract more buyers, and sell faster with no out-of-pocket expenses
  • When they renovate homes, their clients see on average a 150% return on investment
  • No upfront, out-of-pocket expenses – they are paid from the proceeds you receive from your home after it sells
  • They guarantee a return on your investment or you won’t have to pay back for the renovations after selling
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Enjoy the benefits at all times – before, during and after your transaction!

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