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Why I’m the Least Attractive Person at JVM; Key to Happiness: Other People

GREAT COLUMN ABOUT HAPPINESS Scott Galloway (CEO of L2 Inc) recently tweeted this excellent column from the NY Times about the key to happiness, and I thought it was well worth sharing. The column is titled “Happiness Is Other People” and can be found here. ONE HOUR FOR GROOMING? The first interesting thing that really […]Read More

Wanna Be Successful? Hire People Totally Unlike You, and Fight (or at least Engage)

We had a JVM bake-off on Wednesday – everyone brought in their favorite treat to be tasted and voted on. Katherine Baldeck won with her Pumpkin Muffins and earned the $100 cash prize. I brought in frozen cookie dough that I still think was by far the best…and I didn’t get a single vote (again, […]Read More