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Automation for Survival; Korean Restaurants In El Paso

Every time my wife Heejin and I are in El Paso, Texas we eat at a Korean restaurant. And our most recent trip was no exception. (OK – it might have been our only trip to El Paso, but don’t let that detract from this story 😊.) In all seriousness, Heejin and I really do […]Read More

Observations From A NorCal Motorcycle Trip

Every year my sons, nephew, brothers and I embark on several motorcycle excursions that are more like field trips than vacations b/c all we do is stop everywhere and chat, explore and learn stuff. Our most recent trip in July was no exception and I thought I’d share a few observations. DIAMONDS IN BACKYARD – […]Read More

JVM’s Show Travels; Geography-Jeopardy

We received the below email from a Realtor on Tuesday: Thank you once again for the amazing service and communication as we worked together this second time. I am consistently impressed by your team and will continue to recommend you to clients in the future. It’s wonderful to have a partner that makes the process […]Read More