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As a designated “essential business,” JVM Lending is open and funding mortgage loans during the COVID-19 crisis. Most types of mortgage financing remain available for qualified borrowers. If you are looking for information relating to payment forbearance, please see JVM's Forbearance Resource Center.

Trisha Srivalsan

NMLS# 1930887

Mortgage Analyst

Trisha Srivalsan

About Trisha

Trisha Srivalsan plays a vital role on JVM’s esteemed Mortgage Analyst team, where she educates homebuyers about the mortgage process and helps implement cutting-edge technology to improve the way JVM seamlessly processes home loans. Trisha graduated from Washington University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. Trisha cultivated a diverse background prior to joining JVM, working as a Policy Analyst for one of the leading artificial intelligence labs in San Ramon and conducting research abroad for an international linguistic analytics company in Bangalore, India. Trisha’s experience in processing complex data, combined with her excellent communication skills and her ability to creatively solve problems, make her an integral part of JVM’s pre-approval team.

Trisha grew up in Bangalore, India where she fell in love with city-living. In her free time, she enjoys trying to learn how to play the guitar, catching up with friends and family over happy hour, and short-listing names for her future puppy.

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