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TRAINING – Never Too Late; Never Enough; Great Story

We were at a Marketing and “Best Practices” seminar last week, put on by three partners who own and operate mortgage and real estate firms (so they “practice what they preach”). The seminar immediately started off with a whole litany of great ideas with respect to managing and marketing, and there was a gentleman sitting next to us feverishly taking page after page of notes. After the session was over, we noticed the gentleman was one of the partners putting on the seminar.

The gentleman’s income is in excess of $3 million per year (they make their financials public), he is extremely well-respected, and well-established (he owns a large mortgage bank with 350 employees). He was asked: “I couldn’t help but notice your aggressive note-taking; you must have been to at least 17 of these seminars, and you are still taking notes?” The gentleman responded: “I have actually been to 22 of these seminars, and I never stop learning.”

This is a wonderful reminder for any of us who ever think we can coast. Incidentally – EVERY employee at JVM is trained rigorously every day. Training is our culture and our obsession. Today’s lending environment is simply too complex for any other alternative.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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